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The Power Flower – Fusing art and energy generation on a manageable scale / NL Architects

Power Flower is an exploration by Amsterdam based NL Architects to create aesthetically pleasing and adaptable windmills for use in all environments, particularly in urban settings. To create a design that is one part power plant one part art, NL asked themselves the question: "Can we turn windmills into objects of desire?”

NL began by examining current windmill design: the typical three-rotor, and horizontal-axis wind turbine (HAWT) design. These windmills require a large amount of space around them to operate safely and efficiently. This of course leaves significant unworkable space between mills that could be used to capture more energy. Not to mention they must be placed at a safe distance from homes, where that energy is needed, a particular hindrance to use in urban settings.

To solve these problems and make wind power more applicable to urban settings, NL took the vertical designed wind turbine "eddy” by Urban Green Energy and placed them on the branches of tree-like bodies to create an aesthetic and artistic design. Not a bad answer to all those locals complaining about wind turbines ruining their views.

The Power Flower comes in two designs: uw(urban windmill)3 and uw12. The larger uw12’s are around 19 meters in diameter and can be placed just about anywhere from backyards to building tops. One uw3 can power a typical US household a year and a uw12 can power 5 US households a year.  Although the Power Flowers’ lower heights decreases effectiveness as compares to a full size HAWT turbine, efficiency is made up by their close proximity to households, no wind direction requirements and minor spacing requirements.

Источник: http://www.evolo.us/architecture/the-power-flower-fusing-art-and-energy-generation-on-a-manageable-scale-nl-architects/
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